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we are taking donations for our 
own adoption store for the 
dogs to find homes and to build the KIDS RANCH where kids who need someone to love them can come and work with dogs and horses. 


One Child Can Make A Big Difference in Dogs Lives and the Dogs Can Change The Child's Life Forever

Nancy started fostering, training and performing with homeless puppies at age 12.   At age 14 she has helped 30 puppies that would otherwise be euthanized, or placed without proper socialization and training  and eventually returned because no one took the time to help the new family to socialize and train their adopted dog. Our program offers low cost training for the adoptive families to continue the necessary socialization and training. Nancy is now an apprentice trainer for other kids.

Save A Dog & Kids

Let's teach our youth to love the animals and the animals will teach our youth to love all unconditionally!

My Best Friend

Elizabeth felt alone until she met DB Cooper who needed someone to care enough to train him so he could be adoptable.  Elizabeth felt needed, loved, appreciated and successful.  Our kids need to feel they have something of value to offer.

Families benefit from the love of a new puppy!

After Save A Dog & Kids gave this new puppy 3 sets of shots/dewormings, microchip, neuter, crate training, socialization with cats, dogs, kids, strangers and started him on obedience training, his family told everyone it was worth flying him out to their home and getting such a perfect family pup.  His mom continued regular socialization at doggie day care, continued obedience training for the past two years and now feels that he would make a great Therapy Dog. Angela thinks of Tau as her son.  Congratulations Angela!  Your hard work really paid off.

Kids and their foster puppies visit Homeless Kids

ll kids deserve a chance to develop a positive relationship with a dog. Our Kids Club kids visit Homeless Kids with their trained puppies and give a little love to those that have so little.

Paint our Deaf Little Therapy dog

Paint would have been put down at 8 weeks by his breeder because he was deaf. We knew he was special and with hand signal training he could bring lots of love to many.  Cassie accomplished her Baccalaureate Community Program Requirements for school, and gave Paint a chance to learn what he would need to be safe.

Why should we provide our youth after school activities like these?( this is the Research behind our program's validity and to support getting Funding, where should we put this?):

September 2001 OJJDP Publication:   Animal Abuse and Youth Violence by Frank R. Ascione


Assessment and Treatment:  “As part of the search for effective youth violence prevention and intervention programs, animal welfare organizations have been developing educational and therapeutic efforts that incorporate “animal assisted” or “animal-facilitated” components.”  “The underlying theme of many of these programs is that teaching young people to train, care for, and interact in a nurturing manner with animals will reduce any propensity they may have for aggression and violence.  These programs assume that children are more likely to commit animal abuse when their capacity for empathy has been undermined or compromised ( for example, by years of neglect or maltreatment – see Bavolek, 2000).  Developing a sense of empathy for animals is assumed to be a bridge to greater empathy for fellow human beings, making violence toward them less likely.”




  In our program kids learn compassion, responsibility and service through helping train and care for homeless puppies.  They learn the benefits of positive praise and the rewarding satisfaction of training a helpless puppy.  They gain confidence, self esteem and many more values that will help them in their lives.  What a perfect match: Kids and Dogs!


Click here to read:

"Pets trigger our 'feel good' hormones, research suggests April 2, 2004"



After School Programs for Homeless and Under-priviledged kids have been cut.  Federal research on Anti-gang, Anti-drugs, Anti-violence and Anti-juvenile delinquency states that the most successful deterants are After School Programs with positive activities for kids.  Kids commit most of the crimes during the hours after school.  Help us bring positive activities to the underpriviledged kids Youth Programs, YMCA After School Programs,  Youth Detention Centers, schools and other youth facilities all over the US.


If you don't believe our youth are committing horrible animal abuse, come read these cases in 2003!

White Swan, WA: 12 and 13 year old children who tortured and sodomized pigs April 28, 2004 (who could they harm in the future if not turned around?)

Recognize The Link -- Prevent Violence in All Its Forms
How you can make a difference for a child or animal in need.

The Humane Review

Ask the FBI to report all animal/child abuse cases

Statistics of Human/Animal Abuse 2004

San Antonio animal cruelty investigator Eddie Wright says his office received 5,920 animal cruelty calls in fiscal 2003, up from 3,629 in 2002.

More research


Law Enforcement Report Finds: California's After-School Programs Leave Out High School Students During Prime Crime Hours

Only 3% of California High Schools Get Federal After-School Support

View news release

View 2-page summary (PDF)

View full report (PDF)


Thanks for drawing my attention to your program. I've heard great things

about relying on pets to work with kids or the elderly. If you run across

any specific, fairly scientific studies of this particular approach with

kids we'd love to see that because it might be what we'd need to include in

our very short write-ups of what is proven to work. Unfortunately we don't

advise folks around the country on what they should try, so for policy

makers we need typically more hard data to justify more funding.

I think you are on the right track with your work so keep up the good work.

Bill Christeson

Co-Director of Research

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids


More than 2,000 police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors and
crime survivors dedicated to preventing crime and violence

  Cincinnati, OH
Feb. 23, 2004

Local law enforcement fight for greater child care investments

View news release

View full report (PDF)

Denver, CO
Jan. 29, 2004

View news release

View full report (PDF)

Youth Violence Prevention Plan

Law enforcement leaders from across the country have come together to produce a 4-step plan to close the nation's crime-prevention gap through investments in programs proven to keep kids on the right track.

America's Child Care Crisis

"America's Child Care Crisis: A Crime Prevention Tragedy," shows that quality school-readiness child care programs can reduce crime and violence.

Read more....

Head Start bill, passed in the House, could lead to more crime


America's After-
School Choice
America's After-School Choice: The Prime Time for Juvenile Crime, or Youth Enrichment and Achievement, shows that the peak hours for juvenile crime are 3 to 6 p.m.


Congress Rejects Cuts to After-School Programs



Come read how you can get involved




In a world of growing violence and self-indulgence, more and more of our youth are becoming desensitized to the suffering of others.  Save A Dog & Kids, Inc. gives our youth and their families an opportunity to give the care needed by helpless, innocent and loving creatures, and feel the joy and satisfaction of giving of themselves.  The program teaches our youth responsibility, appreciation for living creations, and unconditional love.  Our society throws away pets by the millions every year into shelters that are forced to euthanize the majority of them.  By showing our younger generation that it is acceptable to walk away from the responsibility of a dependent life, and that it is acceptable as a nation to continue breeding, selling, buying, throwing away and killing these creatures, we are telling our youth there is no value to Living Things.  The most dangerous consequence of these kinds of behaviors is that we are teaching our youth to have no regard for life. Research into America's abuse problem supports this in a frightening way. Our program can prevent this chain of abuse.

                 Save A Dog & Kids, Inc. has been able to find loving homes for over 650 discarded dogs since  its establishment  in July of 1999 as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization with the help of volunteer foster families, volunteer trainers who worked for a discount, volunteers to help at adoptions, teens earning scouting badges, teens doing community service hours and teens who just love helping animals and wanted to participate in our Kids Program.  We have not only saved wonderful pets that would have been euthanized senselessly, but we have given over 600 families  who adopted these loving dogs, and all the hundreds of kids and volunteers who helped care for, train and place them, the gift of love and appreciation for helpless but valuable life. What better way to teach compassion to our children?  Save A Dog & Kids Inc. has plans to expand our program into  schools, kids' programs that need positive activities and other facilities for kids.  There is much to be done if we are to slow down this wasteful killing of these beautiful creations of God, to teach our youth the value of life, and to slow down the growing acceptance of violence.  Save A Dog & Kids Inc.  has many plans for programs that will give our youth opportunities to want to save lives instead of senselessly taking them. 


                   Save A Dog & Kids Inc. proposes to set up a Kids Ranch, a 20 year dream of founder Denise De Vynck: a natural place away from the hustle and bustle of the city where kids and animals can feel safe, loved and valued; a place where kids are given the opportunity to find a sense of self-worth where they can learn compassion for all of God's creatures. These are just a few of the descriptions of the Save A Dog and Kids Ranch. What better way to teach our kids the value of life, giving and hard work than by having them care for, gain the trust of, and save innocent animals. All of us have felt the wonderful feeling created by movies like Where the Red Fern Grows, Lassie, Born Free, The Black Stallion and so many more -- a feeling of love, deep happiness and caring for animals. Our young generations are losing this appreciation of the innocence, helplessness and suffering animals and children experience as well as the joy, satisfaction and beauty of life. They're not learning about the wonderful relationships that can develop between a human being and a loving "best friend." 

                Our farming communities are disappearing, and our natural habitats are fighting for survival against human consumption and technology. As we lose the farming way of life, we also lose the old-fashioned values like a hard work ethic and appreciation for the the simple things that are most valuable: life, love, sacrifice, responsibility, honor, morality, and the miracle of God's creations.  We hope to give these values back to our young generation as well as remind our older generation of their existence. By working with animals that need special care, love and training, the kids will learn the value of hard work, patience and giving all they can for results that are more rewarding than anything else they could have done for themselves. No virtual reality man can create can compare to the experience, joy and satisfaction nature gives us unconditionally, free of charge and so wisely. Let's give this great gift to our children by giving them this beautiful, peaceful and loving place to go.
               Save A Dog & Kids wants to bring puppies and trainers to the schools, programs and facilities for kids as well as bring kids to our own ranch to work extensively with the animals that need them.  We will need to house and care for the puppies at the ranch, transport them to the Veterinary Clinics, kids in public and private programs, events and adoption opportunities.  The costs of buying the land, building the needed facilities for the animals, facilities for care givers and trainers, needed supplies and food, phones and other communication mediums, salaries for the care givers and trainers, transportation vehicle for the animals and for the kids, and other administrative costs could add up to $500,000 or more.  We would like to expand our program for the first Phase to at least include the rental of a temporary facility for the housing of the animals, transportation of the animals to schools and kids' programs that kids cannot leave from, and funds to provide food, supplies, costs of running the first Phase of at least $100,000.  We are in the process of making a request for a donation of $20,000  to start the first Phase of the program this Spring. Every little donation will make a difference and bring us closer to providing this enriching program to more kids.

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ASPCA Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas presented a special humane education program to sixth-grade students at Atlanta's Brown Middle School. "At the ASPCA, we uphold a fundamental belief that kindness and empathy are key elements in a complete education," says Lucas. "


"these problems with animal overpopulation will never go away unless they implement a strong, fact-based humane education program in the schools. This is all I do know.  I have the national contract to provide PBS affiliates with humane education materials for the next three years and I speak to students and youth groups. If this is not soon implemented, then our great grandchildren will also be fighting this very same battle."

Randy N. Warner
21st Century Animal Resource and Education Services
Bringing Humane Education Into our nation's schools





Save a Dog and Kids, Inc is a non-profit organization devoted to saving  the thousands of  dogs that needlessly die in our shelters every year. At  the same time we give kids the benefit of working with dogs and thus learning compassion, responsibility and the joy of service.  We realize children must learn the value of life for every life is precious. Started in Utah County, our program is now growing in communities all across the United States thanks  to wonderful volunteers who have contacted Save a Dog and Kids, Inc. Those of us who work to save dogs realize we're saving a bit of ourselves as well.  Could you ask for a better legacy to pass on to our children - respect for the  life on this planet entrusted to our care? Please click here if you still don't understand why you should support all rescues and kids programs.

851 East Hicountry Dr.
Orem, Utah 84097



Welcome to ASPCA News Alert, a weekly e-mail newsletter from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Sure, may be the best place to look online for the perfect pooch--but did you know that you just might find another species of friend there, too?! Just ask the Sanscrainte family, who recently welcomed a malamute/Lab mix puppy named Tau into their lives--and found a great new human friend in the process. It all began when the Sanscraintes saw Tau on, the ASPCA's online partner and searchable database of more than 95,000 homeless pets in the U.S. and Canada . The Sanscraintes knew immediately that Tau was the pup for them, but there was one little problem. He was in Utah at Save a Dog and Kids, Inc., and they were in New Hampshire .
"We spoke to the director, Denise De Vynck," says Angela Sanscrainte, and Denise outlined what the family would need to complete a very thorough application process.

Explains Denise, "I had them send letters from their veterinarian and from a trainer, plus our completed application form. I also had a local SPCA person do a home visit." Denise is the brain--and heart--behind Save a Dog and Kids, which offers animals for adoption as well as opportunities for children to care for and train canines.

Thrilled that the Sanscraintes had passed the application process with flying colors, Denise chose them to be Tau's family, and put the pooch on a plane to Boston . "Our children thought we were picking up their uncle at the airport," says Angela. "Little did they know we were getting Tau. He has been a joy!"

But the story doesn't end there. Because of their good experience with Save a Dog and Kids, the Sanscraintes decided to adopt two cats, Princess and P.K. (Pretty Kitty), from the group. "This time Denise flew the animals out herself," says Angela. "What a treat to meet this wonderful person."

The Sanscraintes knew that Denise's birthday fell near the time of her visit, so they had planned a party for her. Since then, they've kept in touch through phone calls and e-mail, and thanks to Petfinder--and Tau, of course--the friendship has blossomed. "They are like family to me," Denise says, "and I also know first-hand they give the best home to their pets!"





~~Rainbow Bridge~~



Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone very special, someone who was left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he breaks from the group, flying over the green grass, faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into those trusting eyes, so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together...

Author Unknown


Rainbow Bridge


"Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you.. I loved you so--- 'twas Heaven here with you."

Isla Paschal Richardson




Denise wishes to let everyone know of a very special Angel of a woman and the most amazing and caring rescuer, Mickey Britton, the founder of 14 year old Utah Companion Golden Retriever Rescue. She was Denise's mentor when she created Save A Dog & KIds and guided her in this difficult work.  4,600 Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers were saved from being put down in shelters after their owners abandonned them thanks to Mickey and her Husband Bill.  When Mickey brought a new Golden Retriever home from the shelter she would brush out all their knots, make sure they were loved and felt safe in her home, and she would get the donated blankets and treats to give to her new foster child.   She and her husband Bill helped disabled kids and people get service dogs, they showed other rescues how 2 retired people could do so much for the dogs and the world.  She was not only the mentor for our founder, but she was a mom to her and supported her when Denise did not think she could do this hard work of rescue.  Denise will truelly miss Mickey and the world will not be the same without her.  


*LITTLE MAN 9 year PUrebred REd Miniature Pekingese N.M. has had to have 3 surgeries trying to save his little front leg that had been broken and never cared for by his previous owners.  His little rear dew claws and pads had to be removed surgically because his owners never clipped his nails and they had grown completely into the pads.  He was limping all over the place.  Thanks to help from HEEAB and Susie along with our funds, we were able to provide the $850 worth of surgeries he needed to try to repair his shattered leg.  He has to be carried outside and loves his little room with soft pillows.  He sleeps with Denise on her bed, and loves her dearly after 2 years of rehabilitation.  He is the sweetest most loving Pekingese, gentle with all humans but prefers not to be with other dogs because he fears being knocked over. He has the most beautiful coat.  Thank you Jeff in California for helping LIttle man get his needed surgery to remove his leg, we could not have done the $600 surgery without you. Thank you Dr. Law at Cottonwood Animal Hospital for giving us a $400 discount and doing such a great job.  Littleman gets along great on his 3 legs.  

In Memory of our precious Littleman June 11, 2003.  You had such a heart our little friend.  He will be so loved over Rainbow Bridge but so missed here.  Why did such a loving innocent little life have to suffer so much the first part of his life because of the negligence of humans?



  TEDDY 5 yr. N.M. Poodle/Maltese little sweetheart is a bundle of love.  Housetrained and loves to walk on leash.  Great for mature adults who are retired and want a great companion.

  Adopted by great parents in Park City!  We were so sorry to hear of his tragic accident in Florida.  Mom and dad were so upset. We hope they will come adopt another little angel in the future.  Teddy was so loving and trusting.  You gave him a chance to be loved the second half of his life.



*NIKKI a 6 yr. S.F. Yorki/Shih Tzu tiny little girl has almost died from attacking 2 large dogs, and 3 hernias.  She attacks every dog she meets and must be protected from them.  She doesn't like kids.  Otherwise she loves to be carried once you earn her trust and loves to sleep by your pillow. Still working on house training and her medical bills to date are $600.  In Memory of our Beloved Nou Nou, we will miss you, our precious little girl.


MAX 6 yr. N.M. Wirehaired little Maltese mix.  Loves to be with a retired man.  Ok with grandkids. Obedience class included is mandatory.

He passed onto Rainbow Bridge last week and we will miss him very much.  He had been suffering with kidney and hip problems for a long time with his owner who returned him to us,  and yet was so loving.

Dear Dan and Jill, and so many wonderful families like yourselves who have made me so grateful that the puppies I rescued from the Utah County Animal Shelter that no one wanted and would have been put down, that I used every resource I had to save, care for, provide the needed vet care and was so fortunate to find such quality, responsible, committed and loving homes for like yours:

Getting wonderful letters and pictures like this makes me just cry. I am very happy that I did all I could to save these and over 650 other unwanted puppies and some cats.  I have always tried to do my best to find the best permanent and responsible homes and have been criticized by my peers in Utah for being so strict, but homes like yours are worth waiting for and these sweet, helpless and loving creatures deserve it. 

Thank you for giving Sophie and all the other wonderful dogs such great homes that I never have to worry about these dear angels. I love them all. All my wonderful supporters in Utah tell me always that I love each one like they are my own children. 
Thank you all for your support. Give your angels a big hug and kiss for me. Denise De Vynck, Save A Dog & Kids. 

Quoting Dan & Jill Lykins 

> Denise,

> Today is Sophie's (Heather) 2nd birthday and we wanted to share some
> pictures of her with you. She is doing well and really loves our two
> boys. She gets great joy out of sleeping on the bed with our older son,
> playing with our two year old and myself during the day, and her nightly
> walks with Dan.

> Enjoy the photos.

> Dan, Jill, Grant, and Noah Lykins AND Sophie of course :)

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