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To Whom It May Concern:


I am contacting you on behalf of the non-profit organization Save A Dog & Kids.  In a world of growing violence and self-indulgence, more and more of our youth are becoming desensitized to the suffering of others.  Our goal is to bring together  children and abandoned dogs to give them both the opportunity to experience unconditional love.  We pride ourselves on rescuing, caring for, training and performing with the homeless dogs from shelters with the help of children.

Save A Dog & Kids has taken the past five years and has rescued and placed over 650 dogs.  We have also had the opportunity to display this unique organization at WNBA Half Time Shows, State Fairs, Parades and other events.   The kids in the program also take time to visit with their peers at youth correction institutions, YMCA after school programs for Homeless Children, and other youth programs with their trained dogs.  The children reach out to each other with their new found love and respect for animals.

We have recently made the decision to expand our passion and bring it all together under one facility.  Our hope and goal is to bring the children, dogs and trainers together under one roof called the "Kids Ranch."  There we will have the capabilities to care for, train, house and adopt out the amazing creatures that we call "man's best friend."  With the help of others, we will be able to reach our goal and expand our abilities.

What better way is there to teach our youth of today the value of life than by giving them the opportunity to gain trust and respect of a relationship that will never let them down?  Animals have the ability to unconditionally love anyone no matter the hardships that many face and are judged on in life.  In a world that is now full of uncertainty, it is the little things like bringing a child and an animal together that gives us a sense of peace in our hearts.

We would love the opportunity to show off the Kids and their new found best friends to you.  Please take the time to contact us to find out how you can help this great effort reach as many kids as possible.  You may also visit our web site at or contact us for one of our VHS compilation tapes.


Warm Regards,


Denise De Vynck

Save A Dog & Kids

501(c)3 Non Profit #87-0633835

851 E. High Country Dr.

Orem, Utah 84097