Pets for adoption below

 please watch what Save A Dog & Kids is all about and all the great things

it can do for kids:


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY BUY WITH DISCOUNTS AND HELP THE HOMELESS PETS AND KIDS:"Your gift matters at Amazon - www.goodsearch.com/ amazon/coupons. #Goodshop4mom @Goodsearch" make sure to choose Save A Dog & KIds.



And please get companies to donate supplies, food and volunteers to my friend Karen's Sanctuary for all kinds of over 200 animals at Friends in Need in Eagle Mountain Utah: 


Have you got your food storage for a year of drought for your pets? Read sad stories of starving and dying animals in droughts around the world below. Also read how Idaho ranchers have killed 60% of breeding pairs of wolves leaving 10 week old cubs to starve to death. Read below.




please someone with a love for loving playful, and sweet Yorkies adopt me:


LITTLE MONSTER Due to becoming homeless his loving mom could not keep him because no landlord would allow a dog.  He is the most loving, playful 2 yr old  POMKI: Pomeranian/Yorki Terrier mix.  He loves to give everyone kisses, even dogs and cats.  He plays with Peanut: Watch his video


at http://youtu.be/vh_QT0H4lSs




Annabelle Pom Pom!  Can  you get any smaller or cuter?  Nope.  She is the most precious little girl.  Needs Older Adult to sit on lap alll day and play with.  Only no children, older adult with excellent references, own home, locked fenced yard, apply please.  We paid $500 between shelter fees, spay/shots/chip/care.  Minimum donation please. Fill out our questionaire and email your answers to us. at saveadogandkids@saveadogandkids.org


click here and fill out questionaire before calling to apply for



If you would like to help a dog or cat by fostering, please fill out the


We are currently bringing our "kids dog Training program" to YMCA after School program for Homeless kids, and Boys and Girls Club at Lone Peak High School after school and the kids just love training the dogs.  (videos coming soon on our adoptions page of the homeless dogs they are training)


"Dear Save a Dog and Kids Inc.,

We at DogBreedsInfo.org are pleased to present you with a Dog Rescue Award for excellence in providing underprivileged dogs a much valued resource. We take pride in acknowledging the best organizations around the country with our special award emblem, recognizing them for their outstanding work – Save a Dog and Kids certainly qualifies as one of them.

Thank you for all the work you and your organization provides for dogs in need. We wish you the best in continuing your highly valued service."

Would you sponsor just one new young rescue:  6 Yrs ago DB was diagnosed with degenerative disks, and he recooperated so well but yesterday just before Christmas, DBs legs gave out from under him and Vet has him on Prednisone, but he needs much medical help. Won't you sponsor his medical needs?  DB

Thank you dear friend of over 12 yrs Dawn Buhlman of Dawgy Heart rescue of over 25 yrs here in Utah for your support and friendship: "I just posted your website information on my FB page, and will send out appropriate emails to friends and others as well.  Please know you are in my prayers,  I hope you get better very soon. "  Love Dawn



DONATE PLEASE.   We have run out of funds after all the vet bills for all these rescued pets and have no more money to care for THEM:  Thank you Vicki from CA also for donating $125 that helped buy dog/cat food lately.  Castor and Pollux Organix is expensive but they deserve it. Thank you Libby  from CA for the $250 that paid for dentals needed. Founder had to use own disability money to pay $200 shots in 2013.  Please help.

bullet $0.01 per mile, plus a $30 processing fee Won't you please help these homeless pets get to their permanent loving homes? Please donate to SKymiles account # 2432409320 
bullet We are also collecting Frontier Early Returns write us at saveadogandkids@saveadogandkids.org



up-dated May 9, 2014







Description: http://universe.byu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/astrutnancynbelle-211x300.jpg





PLEASE look at pictures and videos and help us find them great homes because we are retiring the rescue part of this program. 


PEANUT LITTLE ANGEL IS  A miniature Border Collie really!  He loves to run and heard other dogs, loves to learn, and be held and cuddled, AND EVERYONE FALLS IN LOVE WITH HIM.  15 mos old puppy that is so sweet, crate trained, playful, active, shy little boy that is neutered, vaccinated, healthly and microchip.  He started out in a sad home but his owner realized that having her boyfiend kick him when he wanted to play with the new baby was not fair to Peanut and she gave him up. He luckily is so young that he has not been traumatized but is trusting, loving and ready for an adult home.  He is great with cats, kittens, and other dogs.



They are the most loving little angels that love to cuddle and just need someone to trust to take good care of them please.



Save a Dog and Kids, Inc is a non-profit organization devoted to saving  the thousands of  dogs that needlessly die in our shelters every year. At  the same time we give kids the benefit of working with dogs and thus learning compassion, responsibility and the joy of service.  We realize children must learn the value of life for every life is precious. Started in Utah County, our program is now growing in communities all across the United States thanks  to wonderful volunteers who have contacted Save a Dog and Kids, Inc. Those of us who work to save dogs realize we're saving a bit of ourselves as well.  Could you ask for a better legacy to pass on to our children - respect for the  life on this planet entrusted to our care? Please click here if you still don't understand why you should support all rescues and kids programs.


"Thank you for helping us help more!"



"Please adopt these Homeless but  most gorgeous, loving kitties: Bella


BELLA is a fluffy persian extra small mix beauty and loving and was also abandonned after owner moved and left her to freeze in the snow.  Why?  She is not very big at all like Angel and they are best friends too.

 Whiskers slinky shiny loving Shorthaired Black kitty. 18 lbs. of love and indoor only scared to go outside given up by military family. Ok with kitties once he gets to know them. No dogs.


2yr Whiskers slinky shiny loving Black kitty. 18 lbs. of love and indoor only scared to go outside. Ok with kitties once he gets to know them. No small kids please.

Whiskers saved from pound after military family had to move has found the most wonderful parents with another saved kitty.  

WHISKERS is calm, cuddly and loving. He is the cuddliest, friendliest, adult loving kitty. No dogs or kids please.  




DB does all kinds of tricks, our Pug//JRT lover Come seee Videos and more pics and fill out our questionaire below and dont forget the beautiful, loving, fluffy kitties.


DB is 7 now and retired from performing and needs a special home


01/28/12 Visiting the latest Technology at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in SLC, Our Dogs for adoptions are in the best gear Thanks to D-Fa Active Dogwear donated Soldier his D-FADOGS.COM "Sub Woofer" Windproof Waterproof Breathable Coat for the harsh weather here in Utah. Need a haircut again, would you sponsor one for one of our rescued dogs?

DB Cooper is warm in his Puff-Doggy Super Insulated Jacket so he won't shiver in the snow. Thank you Angela at Growl@D-Fa.com from New Zealand for these engineered-fadog best technology dogwear.

"Hi there.

Thanks so much for the pictures and I am so glad that the coats you have are being well appreciated.

Thanks also for you kind offer of a place in Utah, it is much appreciated and we are so blessed to have met such kind people on our travels to the USA.

We are headed back to NZ now, and we're a little weary after a long day of traveling already, but I would love to post some of this news to our FB page when I return.

With warmest regards and thoughts to you

Please keep up your excellent work.




"Until man extends his circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace."

Albert Schweitzer

"I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of the whole human being."
Abraham Lincoln

  The moral progress of a nation can best be judged by the way it treats its animals." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

 Read Bush's Speech Writer Matthew Scully's 2002 book, "Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy.

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.",

- Albert Einstein


Thank you IFAW for helping the pets and children in Phillipines Typhoon (click to see pictures)

My name is REBEL 6 yr  F Maine Coone Companion to Grandpa Jim who just passed away and made no arrangements for his loving companion who sat on his lap till the day he died and has been abandonned in an empty house YEAH WE ARE SO HAPPY SHE FOUND A GOOD HOME. hAPPY TO HELP

Really? Polar Bears are struggling loosing their ice habitat with warming and now Canada allowing this endangered species to be killed by the 100s for their fur?

Help stop polar bear killing.

4th of July Pet Safty Tips
dog fireworks

July 5th is known as the busiest day at animal shelters. Here are some tips to help keep your fuzzy family members safe on the 4th of July:

  • Loud, crowded fireworks displays are no fun for pets please keep them at home.
  • Keep animals inside. Secure all GATES, DOORS, and LOCKS.
  • Make sure your pets IDs are on and microchip info is current.
  • Leave a TV or radio on loud in efforts to drown out the noises that may be going on outside.
  • Be sure to close all doggy doors.
  • Do not leave alcoholic drinks where pets can reach them. It could be fatal.
  • If your pet gets scared easily consider staying home.

A Big Thank You goes out to The Leader of The Pack Grooming in Lindon, Utah.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I was proud to produce this most moving concert and all the Packaging parties for our military and their families the last 6 yrs:






Future service dog needs sponsor please: Founder's spinal chord injuries getting worse and Shaggy will make a perfect Service dog to help her get up, hold herself up and pick things up for her.

Thank you Tammi of Tammi's Critters Wonderful Grooming in Provo for donating grooming to SErvice Dogs Like Shaggy.  She has the most wonderful Rates and is the most loving groomer.  Call her for $30 small dog, $50 large dog great rates.  801-722-9003

Gentle Giant  Labradoodle SHAGGY is young (2 yr), friendly, quiet, crate trained, but needs lots of training as he is big and strong , can be protective  and so sweet.  He is groomed, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  He is so sweet, cuddly, loving, does all you ask him to do, fetches and brings it to you. What a great dog.   He is doing great in Advanced Obedience Training and will hopefully go onto Service Dog Training for our founder.  Thanks CAndy of K9 Grooming in South Jordan for grooming him again this summer.  http://youtu.be/w22Fasb8Ltc WATCH HOW ADORABLE HE IS ON THIS LINK



 Thank you all  for your enthusiasm and interest in Shaggy. I thought at first he was a Sheepdog, then the Sheepdog rescue in AZ told me if he had a tail, he must be a Bearded Collie.  Now he is relieved of all those thick mattting he had all over his body, with foxtails getting into sores.  But he will be fine and be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and health needs taken care of next week.  WE don’t know total costs to be reimbursed yet.  Now that he is shaved with white on chest and under chin, we think he must be a Sheepdog/Bearded Collie mix or  LabraDoodle since he doesn't shed.  Please fill out questionaire below.  Shaggy is doing great! He is a wonderful boy. We can't imagine life without him. He sleeps through the night on his bed with us and knows where to potty. Thank you for helping us find the perfect companion! Here's a few more pics of Shaggy." Unfortunately Shaggy lost his family and needs an experienced very loving home.

Thank you Candy owner of K9  DESIGN for helping relieve Shaggy and bath him of

 awful smell he must have suffered with for over 6 mos we estimate.  He loves to fetch, was so good at groomers.  What a great groomer and filled with REscuers.  Support such generous and compassionate small businesses: call Candy at 801-446-7996 or come by with your pooch at 12652 S. 2700 W. #E in Riverton UT.  We saw pet owners with special needs dogs like epileptic, bad arthritis and others come in for special care by this great place. Candy is so kind and gentle that the dogs are very relaxed.  We hope Candy will want to work together on kids program which is a dream of hers as well.


 Now he looks like a ShaggyDoodle.

This 28" piece of matting went accross his back. when we rescued him for the shelter he had been in for 2 weeks.   How horrible in this heat. Thank you Candy for helping him. 

DONATE PLEASE BY EMAILING US AT saveadogandkids@saveadogandkids.org We have run out of funds after all the vet bills for all these rescued pets and have no more money to care for them with.


LAST DONATION 02/04/08 "Pookieman is doing great, he had his yearly vet check at my new vet.  He has is having a couple of teeth pulled, but he weighs 11lbs and the other dogs are so good with him.  He sleeps in my bed, and is alway on a feeding schedule.  I do keep his hair short, it is eaiser to bath him. I just love the little guy so much and thank you so much for letting me have him.. Take care, Nikki"   Thank you Nikki for the donation, we sure needed it!!!   saveadogandkids@saveadogandkids.org 

Thank you Aubrey, Kristen, Lindsay for coming to volunteer twice so far with 11 other BYU students to help with the rescued dogs, cats, ducks, rabbit, cockatiel, salamander at Save A Dog & Kids and Aubrey for the website help and this great article:

Organization allows troubled youth to train, trust dogs

Description: http://universe.byu.edu/wp-content/themes/advanced-newspaper/images/icon-author.pngby Aubrey SteenhoekDescription: http://universe.byu.edu/wp-content/themes/advanced-newspaper/images/icon-date.pngMay 16, 2012, 6:00 am

Denise De Vynck suffered back injures after a head-on collision years ago. Her spirits were low, she needed a friend and she didn’t know where to turn.

In 1993 she found that friend in an unexpected form — a dog named Charlie.

The friendship that De Vynck found with Charlie served as inspiration for Save a Dog and Kids, the non-profit organization she formed in 1999 that has rescued over 1,200 dogs since.

“I had a parent come to me one day and say her kids did not like the after-school programs and wondered if they could correlate something with the dogs,” said De Vynck. “That’s when it occurred to me that I could have children help the dogs and in turn the kids would be helped.”

De Vynck has worked with children from every kind of background, but said she especially enjoys working with troubled youth. Once she gained her passion for animals, De Vynck said she realized dogs could further help the youth that she works with, and decided to pair the two together.

Save a Dog and Kids allows troubled youth to train and trust dogs.

De Vynck met with one of the nation’s leading experts on abuse, Dr. Frank Ascione, who said children who are abused or see abuse are predisposed to it. After talking with the doctor, De Vynck said Ascone’s research showed that animal therapy is one of the best ways to rid of abusive traits.

“Kids who have been through difficult situations have to feel needed,” said De Vynck. “All types of children can benefit from learning how to train and trust dogs. Those children who are troubled, have been abused or have depression learn to trust again. ”

Save a Dog and Kids does not just work with children, but anyone in need of a new friend. De Vynck explained that Charlie, her first rescued dog, helped her regain her health, and after gaining this happiness she realized she wanted to share it with others.

“Animals are such a gift, such angels,” said De Vynck.

Programs all over the United States have paired up with Save a Dog and Kids to transport the animals to their new homes. Flying Paws is a non-profit organization that flies animals to homes all over the country. Their rescue railroads consist of people volunteering their time and gas to transport animals from one state to the next.

“Bailey, one of the dogs, was transported across 15 states, with 15 different drivers to get to her new home in Chicago,” said De Vynck. “It is really cool to see people come together and help.”

De Vynck has found homes for over 1,200 animals all over the U.S., and those who work with the animals love seeing their progress. Kristen Queen is a new volunteer at the rescue and a student at BYU.

“It feels so good to see the progression of our work,” said Queen. “The process shows Denise’s love for the animals and it just feels good to know we are making a difference. ”


Aubrey Steenhoek

Aubrey Steenhoek is a reporter for the Universe at BYU.

Juvenile Court sends teens to do community hours and learn so many values as well as responsibility. Thank you

It’s a shocking number.

As the wolf-haters continue their killing spree, only 20 breeding pairs of wolves were found in Idaho’s wilderness.

That’s nearly a 60 percent decrease over the last five years.

These numbers are truly alarming.

Breeding pairs, along with their pups – many as young as 10 weeks old – are being wiped out at a frightening rate. By killing the parents, the wolf-haters are killing future wolf generations before they are even born!

Only two days remain to have your emergency donation matched dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $200,500.

That means with the match, we can raise $401,000 for Idaho’s wolves!

Why $401,000? As you may know, wolf-haters recently pushed a bill through the Idaho state legislature, setting aside $400,000 for the sole purpose of killing wolves.

Thanks to you and wolf-advocates across America, we’re on track to build a wolf protection fund even larger than the $400,000 wolf extermination fund recently created by the Idaho legislature.

Please donate today – time is running out for your gift to be matched dollar-for-dollar!

As a donor to our unprecedented wolf defense effort, you will be supporting our all-out campaign to stop the out-of-control wolf killings in Idaho.

Our wolves are a national treasure. Their comeback in the Lower 48 is one of the greatest conservation successes of our lifetime. We’ve come too far to see it all lost to the anti-wolf hatred of Idaho’s current political leaders.

For nearly 70 years, Defenders has served as the voice of animals that cannot speak for themselves. And we’re your voice too.

From now until tomorrow night at midnight, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $200,500.

We simply cannot go back to the bad old days of reckless and irresponsible slaughter.

Please help us.


Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders of Wildlife

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife



A drought in Pakistan has left animals with no source of food. Thousands of animals have died - and many thousands more are suffering from hunger and thirst.

Starvation is one of the cruelest fates an animal can suffer. First they desperately seek food and then they become weaker and weaker. You can see the confusion in their eyes as their pain increases, day by day. Adding to their suffering, they start to lose their ability to fight off infections and disease. Starvation is slow, painful and without mercy.

Can you help IFAW save these animals?

IFAW's Disaster Response and Wildlife Rescue divisions are working with our partner in Pakistan, the Ravi Foundation, to feed and care for cows, goats, sheep, buffalo and peacocks suffering from the drought. By having a well-organized and respected local partner in Pakistan, we can quickly help animals in need.

You've acted in the past to help animals. IFAW rescues and protects animals around the world. You can help our Disaster Response and Wildlife Rescue teams care for the drought's animal victims.

With help from generous supporters like you, IFAW is going to supply wheat straw, wheat bran and other feed for hundreds of animals. For these animals, this will mean the difference between life and a painful death from starvation.

I have sent an emergency grant of $30,000, which will provide desperate animals with feed for three weeks.

If you would like to help a dog or cat by fostering, please fill out the


We are currently bringing our "kids dog Training program" to YMCA after School program for Homeless kids, and Boys and Girls Club at Lone Peak High School after school and the kids just love training the dogs.  (videos coming soon on our adoptions page of the homeless dogs they are training)

"You need to know the truth.

I’ve never seen a killing frenzy as relentless as the wolf slaughter that’s been taking place in Idaho. The latest outrage, the creation of a state-supported wolf extermination fund, truly means no wolf in Idaho is safe.

I am deeply disturbed by the growing number of anti-wolf policies – and by the 466 Idaho wolves killed during this past year alone. And I fear for the many hundreds that will soon follow.

But with your help, we will weather this storm of hatred, ignorance and bloodshed.

Your donation today will never make a bigger difference.

Our wolves are a national treasure. Their comeback in the Lower 48 is one of the greatest conservation successes of our lifetime. We’ve come too far to see it all lost due to the anti-wolf hatred of Idaho’s current political leaders.

For nearly seventy years, Defenders has served as the voice of those animals who cannot speak for themselves. And we’re your voice too.

Your generous support will give us the critical resources to carry on this fight.

And it will send the wolf-haters a message – that we are not giving up. We are not going away. And we’ll keep fighting until wolves have the protection they need to thrive in our world.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your compassion and generosity.


Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
Jamie's Signature

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife


USDA: Stop Online Puppy Mills

Started by: Anne, Washington, District Of Columbia


Do you want to stop puppy mills?

My birthday is coming up on July 17th, and I'd love y'all to support my campaign to help close a USDA loophole which currently is very bad news for puppies. As an active member of the rescue community I have seen the effects of puppy mills first hand and would appreciate your support. I will be submitting this petition to the USDA so please sign by or on July 16 when the comments are due - if not please just keep on signing and sharing to show the continued interest in this issue!

The problem is that right now many puppy breeding facilities that sell puppies are not licensed or regularly inspected for basic humane treatment of animals. These places sell online, on the phone, or through the mail without even giving people a chance to see the animal like you would in a regular, inspected and licensed store.

While I'm a rescuer and would always encourage you to adopt an animal, the fact is that this huge USDA loophole is being exploited by those who breed and sell animals without being held to basic animal welfare standards.

Please join me and sign the petition. Make my birthday wish come true to take this step forward for animal welfare.



Click here to sign Anne's petition, "USDA: Stop Online Puppy Mills".

You can also check out other popular petitions on Change.org by clicking here


Rabbit   "Baby Doc" is just 7 months old since a family found him as a new baby in a box on the roof of their car. White medium rabbit is neutered and very sweet and loving. He wears a harness and loves to play with a Teddy Bear, eat carrots, broccoli and never green leaves that give him gas. He loves to be petted behind head and when held on ground like most rabbits..

Duck "Sweet Pea"  is just a fast growing little duck that needs a special home.



click here and fill out questionaire before calling to apply for


CALL OUR EMERGENCY NUMBER!   The cost of raising 
a medium-size dog to the age of eleven: 
$ 16,400 


SOLDIER FOUND THE BEST EXPERIENCED PARENTS THAT WILL LOVE, GET ALL THE CARE HE NEEDS, have wonderful brother Snickers that is 10 to play, lay on mom's lap AND KEEP HIM SAFE  FOR 20 YRS!!!


Yeah Odie is adopted by experienced rescuers of kitties, loving home with Ted and Linda.

Libby adopted: BEAUTIFUL BORDER COLLIE FEMALE JESSE WE ADOPTED OUT AS A PUPPY and then years later  LOST HER FAMILY DUE TO LOSS OF JOB AND HOME: She is friendly with everyone: kids and dogs.  She is housetrained, sits, walks great on leash, is quiet, rides great in crate in car, and is so loving and sweet.  She fetches and brings it back to you.  Great family dog! She has the best new mom in San Jose.  Thank you Elizabeth for giving her the best home.Click to see more pics Thanks Elizabeth for the updates.

Kit is the calmest, quietest, most loving little Poodle around 10 lbs and trained, housetrained, and just wants to be on your lap. Kit is the smartest trained of the little dogs. YOu can't get a better dog than this, no training needed, so sweet, loving and do whatever you tell her.YEAH SHE IS ADOPTED BY THE MOST WONDERFUL GRANDMOTHER AND WILL BE HER COMPANION. PICS COMING.  


"Dear Utah Animal Advocates,

On Friday, February 25, the Utah State House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted in favor of House Bill 210, a disturbing and inhumane bill that would allow for the killing of feral animals. It has now moved on to the Utah Senate for consideration.

If passed, HB 210 will allow anyone in the unincorporated (meaning mostly rural) areas within the State of Utah to decide for themselves whether an animal is feral and "humanely" kill said animal(s). Nowhere in the bill is the term "humanely" explicitly defined.

The ASPCA opposes this proposed legislation for several reasons. First, it often is very difficult to determine whether an animal is “feral,” especially in the case of cats. Second, this measure would provide airtight legal protection to those who kill animals for fun, as long as they can claim that they believed their victims were feral. Third, Utah has been very proactive in working on Trap-Neuter-Return programs for feral cats, allowing these animals to live out their lives without contributing to the cat overpopulation problem. This bill would defeat the efforts of many volunteers who have worked tirelessly to help these feral cats.

What You Can Do
Please help us stop this unreasonable bill from becoming state law. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to look up your Utah state senator’s phone number and call him/her right away to express your opposition to HB 210.

Thank you, Utah, for speaking up for these under-protected animals! "  ASPCA



“HAVEN’T WE ALL HEARD “IT BREAKS MY HEART to have to give up “Smoochie ” BUT....” 

This really puts things in perspective.  

♥  For all my animal loving friends and rescue buddies!!   



For all those people who can't keep their dog because they are getting a divorce, moving to a place that "doesn't allow pets", and are going to "have" to take their pet to a pound because the kids no longer play with it....

 This woman has been through a 9.0 earthquake, a killer tsunami, a nuclear power plant that is emitting radiation, has nowhere to live, is hungry and cold... And she STILL HAS HER DOG!!!

 I thank God everyday for awesome volunteers (That would be YOU!!) who always step up to save the poor dogs that are tossed away by their loser owners or do whatever they can to help someone else save a dog or cat!!

I wish I could find this woman and take her and her little dog into my own home

(and get her on the nightly news!). 

She is a model of what it means to be a committed, loving pet owner

Your have to watch this video exposing the "Pentobarbitol drug used to euthanize all dogs and cats found in all commercial dog/cat food even if they say they have no chemicals cutting dogs' lives in half because they are all getting cancer and organ failure due to this FDA allowed sick practice:" http://www.officialgermanshepherdguide.com/thanks.htm click on video

Many brands of dog food are contaminated, and you need to know which ones!

So turn up your speakers and Click the "Play" button below, and watch the video to  get all the facts:

Click Here To Learn More About This Dog Food Conspiracy



Deidre, Denise of SADNK, Lindsay and Pat the wonderful staff that rescue themselves of Utah Valley South Animal Shelter. www.suvas.org


Animal shelter wins $2,000 for customer service


buy this photo Vanessa Gardiner (CQ), a vet technician, moves a dog from it's intake kennel to a second room at the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter in Spanish Fork Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010. MARK JOHNSTON/Daily Herald

The South Valley Animal Shelter in Spanish Fork received $2,000 for its good customer service from Maddie's Fund, a foundation working with Petfinder.com to improve customer service.

Shelter director Mike Morgan said, "We're thrilled," adding that the money is always welcome.

He plans to use the money for a more aggressive vaccination campaign and veterinarian care for adoptable pets. Morgan said people who want a pet but can't afford the up-front costs will benefit from Maddie's Fund largesse as well. The shelter will be able to offer lower cost or free adoptions to these folks.

"We will try to use the donation for things that directly affect the pets," he said.

The shelter posts photos and descriptions of adoptable pets on Petfinder.com, an online database of homeless pets. Secret shoppers phoned, e-mailed or visited randomly selected animal rescue organizations and chose a weekly winner based on that organization's customer service and response. If the random shopper visited a shelter and had a positive experience, that shelter immediately won $2,000.

That is how it happened at the South Valley shelter, Morgan said. Someone came in, visited the pet areas, took a tour of the shelter and visited with the staff a while. No one thought anything was out of the ordinary as Morgan said people often do this. But at the end of the visit, "They said we'd won $2,000." Morgan wasn't sure it wasn't a joke until he received the letter with the check.

According to the Maddie's Fund website, a representative visited the shelter the week of Sept. 6.

Maddie's Fund developed its customer service reward program in response to a survey of Petfinder.com website visitors who were motivated to adopt a pet rather than buy one. These motivated adopters did not always receive an encouraging welcome. Nearly half the time, shelters didn't reply to potential adopters. After this survey, Maddie's Fund staff placed customer service improvement at the top of their priority list. "The folks at Maddie's Fund pledged $50,000 this year to make it happen," wrote Betsy Saul, co-founder of Petfinder.com.

The shelter, at 582 W. 3000 North, is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. South Utah Valley Animal Shelter posts adoptable pets on Petfinder at www.petfinder.com/shelters/UT53.html.

WEstern States Little Dog Angel Network rescuing from overcrowded shelter in So CA, AZ, NM, OR, WA, NV, UT, ID and MT.  And place all over US, after home visit checks out, then I fly with the dog to the new homes. Have tons of great adopter references in Bay Area, Santa Fe, Seattle, Fort LAuderdale, New Hampshire, Portland, Albuquerque.  If you can send any leads our way, it will be appreciated Thank you Denise

  We rescued these four:

YEAH SHE IS ADOPTED TO MOST WONDERFUL RETIRED COUPLE FROM LA. PICS COMING. PIPER is a 2 yr female Shorkie, that is a Yorkie/Shih Tzu "Designer dog" and she is the smartest, pp pad trained, fetches, happy and loving little girl.  Doesn't bark much and is a love once she gets to trust you because her  prior owners scared heR. GO TO LATEST ADOPTIONS TO READ UPDATE 11/11/10 

Soldier is all Yorki, all puppy, loving playful, and working on his housetraining, but is doing well, putting on weight as he was way too skinny, and he is so adorable and teacup too.  He is not much of a barker, prefers to play, rub against the other dogs, you, roll on his back. Adorable. He is tiny at 5 lbs. and so smart and adorable.  Young little ones like this are hard to come by. Yeah he was adopted

Twinkie - Chiquawa/Terrier mix.  11 years old.  Sight is a little gone, meaning he won't climb stairs anymore.  A little hard headed, but a big heart.  Loves to have his belly rubbed.  Loves to play bite.  Good with older kids (like over 6).  Loves to walk.  Good at dog park but really doesn't care for his but to be sniffed.  Loves to play with Pilar.  They are great buddies.  I got Twink from the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter when he was 1-1/2 years old. He loves walks.  He drinks a lot of water.  Twink can't jump on beds or couchs any more.
Pilar - got her from the Little Dog Rescue from Orange, CA.  I have contacted them to see if I can have them find her another home.  Pilar was sponsered by John Wayne's third wife, Pilar, so they kept the name.  I call her my Hollywood dog.  She is all girl, but can run with the boys.  She is a happy dog, loves to lay in laps.  Plays well with other dogs, most sizes.  She is a love.  I've had her since she was 1-1/2 years as well.  She is about 15 pounds.  She loves walks and car rides.  She is about 8 years old now. She loves to get into bed with you - can still jump up.
I have had both dogs on the Banfield Insurance since I've had them.  I am so lucky to have had them.  My current situation is I found out my spouse is gay and has kept that from he as a secret fantasy lifestyle.  We are separating.  I'm moving to my mom's condo where they don't accept dogs and my spouse doesn't care for dogs.  So I'm in a bind.  Ideally, I would love to find a foster family and get my dogs back when I'm back on my feet.  I have a house I rent out in the Liberty Wells area, but I can't afford to live there until I am back on my feet (laid off from the home building industry back in March '09).  Or if there is an awesome family who would love these great dogs, I would be thrilled.
I have attached pictures. 
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!"
Colonae Christensen

We hope that a large donation of $500 including all vetting  for teacup dogs like we have been given in the past will help reimburse vetting for all rescue pets to date:

  Annabelle Is a PomChi Teacup little Angel that talks to you in a small voice and has the biggest heart.  Looking for a special adult only loving home for her.

COME JOIN US AT THANKSGIVING POINT DOG DAYS JUNE 4 AND 5TH and Nancy's & Miss Belle's presentation after 7 yrs participation in Save A Dog & Kids "Kids Program" on Saturday. Jason who adopted his rescued dog, won our gift basket with $50 Spaghetti Factory Gift Card. Come watch videos of kids/dogs performances since 2000. Nancy had parents in tears.

Thank you to Precious Pet Paradise Grooming in American Fork, Utah for your generous donation and kind words. 801-492-7746


The Cost
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  • We are also collecting Frontier Early Returns write us at saveadogandkids@saveadogandkids.org

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