Why should we provide our youth after school activities like these? Socially withdrawn kids need animal assisted therapy more than anything.  Please help us get this great program to more kids in america.  rEAD STORY ABOUT nEWTOWN "ASPERGERS DIAGNOSED YOUNG MAN THAT NEEDED ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY RATHER THAN VIOLENT COMPUTER GAMES AND TARGET SHOOTING AS HIS MOTHER GAVE HIM BELOW.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids issued this press release yesterday after the President released his fiscal year 2006 budget.  We are concerned that the proposed budget would reduce supports for at-risk children, thereby increasing the chances they will grow up to be criminals.

Contact: Michael Kharfen, 202-776-0027, ext. 127; cell, 202-262-3996

For Immediate Release:
Law Enforcement Leaders Warn Budget Cuts to Children Will Increase Crime  COME READ FEB 7TH PRESIDENT'S BUDGET

 “If we break the commitment to America’s children this year, we will pay later with more victims of crime in the years to come,” Sanford A. Newman, President of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids.


Mike Farrell from "MASH" Youth Violence and Raising Kind Kids PSA TO WATCH , click here: http://www.petatv.com/tvpopup/video.asp?video=youth_violence&Player=wm&speed=_med
Maryland Legislature takes Animal Abuse seriously because they know it leads to human abuse: click here to read article.


September 2001 OJJDP Publication:   Animal Abuse and Youth Violence by Frank R. Ascione


Assessment and Treatment:  “As part of the search for effective youth violence prevention and intervention programs, animal welfare organizations have been developing educational and therapeutic efforts that incorporate “animal assisted” or “animal-facilitated” components.”  “The underlying theme of many of these programs is that teaching young people to train, care for, and interact in a nurturing manner with animals will reduce any propensity they may have for aggression and violence.  These programs assume that children are more likely to commit animal abuse when their capacity for empathy has been undermined or compromised ( for example, by years of neglect or maltreatment – see Bavolek, 2000).  Developing a sense of empathy for animals is assumed to be a bridge to greater empathy for fellow human beings, making violence toward them less likely.”



More Research and Resources on Preventing Youth Violence and the Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy




  In our program kids learn compassion, responsibility and service through helping train and care for homeless puppies.  They learn the benefits of positive praise and the rewarding satisfaction of training a helpless puppy.  They gain confidence, self esteem and many more values that will help them in their lives.  What a perfect match: Kids and Dogs!

Come read about the latest Children Abuse and animal assisted therapy as the best solution according to the latest 2004 research expert.


Click here to read:

"Pets trigger our 'feel good' hormones, research suggests April 2, 2004"

Come read how Pets Reduce Stress


Similar Programs Like Ours and their Results

After School Programs for Homeless and Under-priviledged kids have been cut.  Federal research on Anti-gang, Anti-drugs, Anti-violence and Anti-juvenile delinquency states that the most successful deterants are After School Programs with positive activities for kids.  Kids commit most of the crimes during the hours after school.  Help us bring positive activities to the underpriviledged kids Youth Programs, YMCA After School Programs,  Youth Detention Centers, schools and other youth facilities all over the US.


If you don't believe our youth are committing horrible animal abuse, come read these cases in 2003!

White Swan, WA: 12 and 13 year old children who tortured and sodomized pigs April 28, 2004 (who could they harm in the future if not turned around?)


Recognize The Link -- Prevent Violence in All Its Forms
How you can make a difference for a child or animal in need.

The Humane Review

Ask the FBI to report all animal/child abuse cases

Statistics of Human/Animal Abuse 2004

San Antonio animal cruelty investigator Eddie Wright says his office received 5,920 animal cruelty calls in fiscal 2003, up from 3,629 in 2002.

More research


Law Enforcement Report Finds: California's After-School Programs Leave Out High School Students During Prime Crime Hours

Only 3% of California High Schools Get Federal After-School Support

View news release

View 2-page summary (PDF)

View full report (PDF)

We are currently bringing our "kids dog Training program" to YMCA after School program for Homeless kids, and Boys and Girls Club at Lonepeak High School after school and the kids just love training the dogs.(videos coming soon on our adoptions page of the homeless dogs they are training)



Thanks for drawing my attention to your program. I've heard great things

about relying on pets to work with kids or the elderly. If you run across

any specific, fairly scientific studies of this particular approach with

kids we'd love to see that because it might be what we'd need to include in

our very short write-ups of what is proven to work. Unfortunately we don't

advise folks around the country on what they should try, so for policy

makers we need typically more hard data to justify more funding.

I think you are on the right track with your work so keep up the good work.

Bill Christeson

Co-Director of Research

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids


More than 2,000 police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors and
crime survivors dedicated to preventing crime and violence

  Cincinnati, OH
Feb. 23, 2004

Local law enforcement fight for greater child care investments

View news release

View full report (PDF)

Denver, CO
Jan. 29, 2004

View news release

View full report (PDF)

Youth Violence Prevention Plan

Law enforcement leaders from across the country have come together to produce a 4-step plan to close the nation's crime-prevention gap through investments in programs proven to keep kids on the right track.

America's Child Care Crisis

"America's Child Care Crisis: A Crime Prevention Tragedy," shows that quality school-readiness child care programs can reduce crime and violence.

Read more....

Head Start bill, passed in the House, could lead to more crime


America's After-
School Choice
America's After-School Choice: The Prime Time for Juvenile Crime, or Youth Enrichment and Achievement, shows that the peak hours for juvenile crime are 3 to 6 p.m.


Congress Rejects Cuts to After-School Programs



New photos, details emerge of Newtown mass shooter Adam Lanza

By Liz Goodwin, Yahoo! News

Adam Lanza in 2008, when he was in the 10th grade at Newton High School. Adam joined the tech club in high school, but withdrew from school when he was 16. (Frontline)

Accused Newtown shooter Adam Lanza was spending more time alone in the months leading up to the mass shooting as his mother, Nancy Lanza, attempted to encourage him to be independent despite his mental disabilities, a Hartford Courant/Frontline investigation has found. In a new documentary called "Raising Adam Lanza," which airs Tuesday night on PBS, reporters from the Courant attempt to retrace the steps taken by Nancy and Adam in the years leading up to the shooting, complicating the picture that has occasionally appeared in the media of Nancy as a gun obsessed mother who was in denial about her son's mental challenges.

Adam is believed to have shot his mother four times in the head as she slept on Dec. 14 before shooting his way into Sandy Hook Elementary, where he attended school as a child, and killing 20 children and six women. He then took his own life.

Frontline and The Hartford Courant provided Yahoo News with several previously unpublished childhood and teenage photos of Adam Lanza they uncovered in their investigation.

The 20-year-old had been spending more time alone in his mother's $500,000 home in the affluent Connecticut suburb in the months leading up the shooting, Courant reporters Alaine Griffin and Josh Kovner found in their investigation. Adam's social world gradually began shrinking after he left Newtown High School at the age of 16 to enroll in a nearby college, where he made As and Bs before withdrawing there, as well. Since 2010, Adam had not attended school.

Between 2010 and 2012, Nancy took Adam to nearby gun ranges to practice shooting. Nancy purchased four firearms, including the Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle Adam is believed to have used in the attack, during the same period. Her friends say Nancy used target practice as a way to bond with her withdrawn son. Police also uncovered thousands of dollars worth of violent video games in the Lanzas' home. Police believe Adam may have been inspired by the video games he played in the attack, since he changed the magazines of his weapons more frequently than was necessary, Frontline reported. Late Sunday, the Courant also reported that Adam may have felt that he was in direct competition with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, based on news articles about Breivik's 2011 crime they found in the Lanzas' home.

In the months before the attack, Nancy took frequent trips and left Adam at home unsupervised--including on one trip this past Thanksgiving--in an attempt to make him more independent.

Her friends say Nancy is the forgotten 27th victim that day.

"She's been described as some sort of gun nut or survivalist and this other misconception that she was a bad mother," her friend John Bergquist told Frontline. But he said her life "revolved around caring for Adam."

Adam was diagnosed at a young age with sensory integration disorder, a medically controversial diagnosis that meant Adam had trouble coping with bright lights, loud noises, and knowing when he was in pain. Later, when he was in middle school, Adam was also diagnosed with Asperger's, a condition related to autism that can make social interaction challenging. (Medical experts cautioned that autism disorders are not associated with violent behavior.)

A friend of Nancy’s remembered that when Adam was just six years old, he did not like to be touched. If children his age touched them, he recoiled or became upset. "He was angry with them," Marvin LaFontaine, Nancy's friend, told Frontline. Richard Novia, who co-founded the tech club Adam joined while he attended Newtown High School, told Frontline Adam would have "episodes" as a teen where he would completely withdraw from the world, sometimes sitting in a corner, motionless.

Nancy raised Adam and his older brother in their Newtown home on her own after she and her husband separated in 2001. In 2009, the couple officially divorced, and Adam abruptly cut off contact with his father in 2010 for reasons that are unclear.

Nancy's friends said she was planning on moving to either Washington or North Carolina to enroll Adam in college again, so that he could get a degree in history.

Come read more about Fight Crime: Invest in Kids organization 

May 13, 2010

ACTION!Pets Ease the Pain of Domestic Violence

For victims of domestic violence, a cherished pet is sometimes the only source of gentle and unconditional love. Women and children who do escape violent situations are often forced to leave their companions behind because many shelters won't accept pets.

American Humane's Pets and Women's Shelters (PAWS®) Program acknowledges that pets provide unconditional love and comfort to victims of domestic violence. For that reason -- as well as for the safety of the pets -- American Humane advocates to keep domestic violence victims and their pets together whenever possible.

If you think this is a good idea, take action to learn more and vote for American Humane's PAWS® Program to win $250,000 from the Pepsi Refresh Project.

Take Action!
"Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives," wrote humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer.




In a world of growing violence and self-indulgence, more and more of our youth are becoming desensitized to the suffering of others.  Save A Dog & Kids, Inc. gives our youth and their families an opportunity to give the care needed by helpless, innocent and loving creatures, and feel the joy and satisfaction of giving of themselves.  The program teaches our youth responsibility, appreciation for living creations, and unconditional love.  Our society throws away pets by the millions every year into shelters that are forced to euthanize the majority of them.  By showing our younger generation that it is acceptable to walk away from the responsibility of a dependent life, and that it is acceptable as a nation to continue breeding, selling, buying, throwing away and killing these creatures, we are telling our youth there is no value to Living Things.  The most dangerous consequence of these kinds of behaviors is that we are teaching our youth to have no regard for life. Research into America's abuse problem supports this in a frightening way. Our program can prevent this chain of abuse.

                 Save A Dog & Kids, Inc. has been able to find loving homes for over 650 discarded dogs since  its establishment  in July of 1999 as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization with the help of volunteer foster families, volunteer trainers who worked for a discount, volunteers to help at adoptions, teens earning scouting badges, teens doing community service hours and teens who just love helping animals and wanted to participate in our Kids Program.  We have not only saved wonderful pets that would have been euthanized senselessly, but we have given over 600 families  who adopted these loving dogs, and all the hundreds of kids and volunteers who helped care for, train and place them, the gift of love and appreciation for helpless but valuable life. What better way to teach compassion to our children?  Save A Dog & Kids Inc. has plans to expand our program into  schools, kids' programs that need positive activities and other facilities for kids.  There is much to be done if we are to slow down this wasteful killing of these beautiful creations of God, to teach our youth the value of life, and to slow down the growing acceptance of violence.  Save A Dog & Kids Inc.  has many plans for programs that will give our youth opportunities to want to save lives instead of senselessly taking them. 


                   Save A Dog & Kids Inc. proposes to set up a Kids Ranch, a 20 year dream of founder Denise De Vynck: a natural place away from the hustle and bustle of the city where kids and animals can feel safe, loved and valued; a place where kids are given the opportunity to find a sense of self-worth where they can learn compassion for all of God's creatures. These are just a few of the descriptions of the Save A Dog and Kids Ranch. What better way to teach our kids the value of life, giving and hard work than by having them care for, gain the trust of, and save innocent animals. All of us have felt the wonderful feeling created by movies like Where the Red Fern Grows, Lassie, Born Free, The Black Stallion and so many more -- a feeling of love, deep happiness and caring for animals. Our young generations are losing this appreciation of the innocence, helplessness and suffering animals and children experience as well as the joy, satisfaction and beauty of life. They're not learning about the wonderful relationships that can develop between a human being and a loving "best friend." 

                Our farming communities are disappearing, and our natural habitats are fighting for survival against human consumption and technology. As we lose the farming way of life, we also lose the old-fashioned values like a hard work ethic and appreciation for the the simple things that are most valuable: life, love, sacrifice, responsibility, honor, morality, and the miracle of God's creations.  We hope to give these values back to our young generation as well as remind our older generation of their existence. By working with animals that need special care, love and training, the kids will learn the value of hard work, patience and giving all they can for results that are more rewarding than anything else they could have done for themselves. No virtual reality man can create can compare to the experience, joy and satisfaction nature gives us unconditionally, free of charge and so wisely. Let's give this great gift to our children by giving them this beautiful, peaceful and loving place to go.
               Save A Dog & Kids wants to bring puppies and trainers to the schools, programs and facilities for kids as well as bring kids to our own ranch to work extensively with the animals that need them.  We will need to house and care for the puppies at the ranch, transport them to the Veterinary Clinics, kids in public and private programs, events and adoption opportunities.  The costs of buying the land, building the needed facilities for the animals, facilities for care givers and trainers, needed supplies and food, phones and other communication mediums, salaries for the care givers and trainers, transportation vehicle for the animals and for the kids, and other administrative costs could add up to $500,000 or more.  We would like to expand our program for the first Phase to at least include the rental of a temporary facility for the housing of the animals, transportation of the animals to schools and kids' programs that kids cannot leave from, and funds to provide food, supplies, costs of running the first Phase of at least $100,000.  We are in the process of making a request for a donation of $20,000  to start the first Phase of the program this Spring. Every little donation will make a difference and bring us closer to providing this enriching program to more kids.

CLICK HERE TO GET OUR LETTER TO DONORS and Request a Copy of Our Video!

ASPCA Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas, you see on Animal Planet's Animal Precinct New York,  presented a special humane education program to sixth-grade students at Atlanta's Brown Middle School, and said:  "At the ASPCA, we uphold a fundamental belief that kindness and empathy are key elements in a complete education."


"these problems with animal overpopulation will never go away unless they implement a strong, fact-based humane education program in the schools. This is all I do know.  I have the national contract to provide PBS affiliates with humane education materials for the next three years and I speak to students and youth groups. If this is not soon implemented, then our great grandchildren will also be fighting this very same battle."

Randy N. Warner
21st Century Animal Resource and Education Services
Bringing Humane Education Into our nation's schools


Thank you and click on boy to read more about our program!