Hey Kids and Families Upstate New York, Utah and Bay Area: Many rescued homeless pups need a foster home.  If you care for a puppy, you get to come to "Fun Tricks Training" classes.  Want to learn how to train a pup to Skateboard, Jump an Agility Bar or do Fly Ball?
PAINT 5 mos. Deaf Purebred Red Border Collie is perfectly crate-trained, learning hand signals and fun tricks.  He is the most friendly pup but needs to be on leash at all times. Thanks Kathleen for adopting him, getting a special deaf dog trainer to get him ready to become a therapy dog for the deaf.

TOBY 10 mos. N.M. Purebred Jack Russell Terrier is crate training beautifully, needs to learn basic obedience and "recall" to always come when called, and is learning to chase the ball.  He would make a perfect FLYBALL dog!

DB COOPER 14 mos. little sweetheart does so many tricks and can't stop jumping over chairs, through hoops, and into the kids'arms.  He is so adorable but so hyper. Thanks Elizabeth, Nancy and Christopher for training him to do tricks in Kids Klub.  Thanks Cindy for fostering him and teaching him how to chase a ball. 


Come join the Kids Klub: 801-808-4424

BRIGITTE loves all kids, people and dogs. She is learning her basic obedience and some tricks.  She needs to be on leash since being a typical Jack Russell Terrier, she does like to run off. We need someone to teach her to stay.  Thanks Jack Russell Rescuer in California for taking her in and training her.