We love pictures of our kids showing off their hard work with their trained pups!

Our Kids Club trains our puppies at Adoptions at Petsmart, and weekly at Kids Club Classes.  Help us get this program to more kids.  Patricia came to help us and get community hours in, now she comes each Saturday to train and hold Heather.

TAZ does a hi-five with Bobbie Lee, we have fun teaching the puppies tricks.  This is so rewarding for the kids and teens.


This dog is one of 12 Great Pyrenees 
we rescued from the Provo, South Salt Lake City, Tooele, Salt Lake County and other shelters.  Caesar and his foster family exemplify what Save A Dog & Kids is all about.  One family took him in to recooperate and learn training, and another family in Seatle gave him a loving permanent home for the rest of his life.
Thanks, Jenny,  for such a beautiful picture and for taking care of Caesar 
after a touch and go stay at the 

We are so proud of all these families with their new 
puppies in David Lyman's Clicker Training puppy class.  Brothers Toby and Skyler survived Parvo 
after their family did not get them wormed or vaccinated, Bro./Sis. Timmy and Faith also 
survived lack of care by owners. Little Alaska  
lost her sister to Parvo after being dropped off at Provo shelter by their breeder;  little Prince was abandoned in the shelter with an ulcerated eye; Sunshine was dropped off by owners with her mother, and little Mariah the 
runt of 4 longhaired Dachshund mixed pups was too young to survive in shelter so
we saved and raised her.
David Lyman and Save a Dog & Kids are proud to present the first 2001 Puppy Class. Four litters of Rottweiler/ German Shepherd, Husky/Chow Lab/Border Collie and Hound mix puppies that were all adopted over the Holidays started Puppy Class with their proud new families.  Our volunteer teens also helped train dogs for adoption.  Group puppy clicker training not only teaches the dogs behaviors that you want them to learn, but also teaches them group socialization skills at their formative age. 

Save A Dog & Kids Inc. has been bringing beautiful puppies and purebred dogs to Park City for the past four years. Everyone wants to know what the "Kids" part of our nonprofit program is about.   With  Denise  De Vynck's 20 years of Social Work  experience with teens and kids, she gives kids an opportunity to learn to love, care for and train puppies.  This teaches them compassion, responsibility, confidence and many other important lessons in life.  If your teen would like to care for a puppy, crate-train them and clicker train them, we will provide everything they need.  One of our teen foster homes told us that this has been the best experience for their 12 year-old daughter. With our volunteer teens, and help from local residents and Michelle and Ariel of Bad Ass Coffee, we have adopted out over 600 dogs in  the past 3 yrs:  Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernards, Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Yellow Labs and many more.  We microchip all  dogs, give all vaccinations including Bordetella, Spay/Neuter and have a great Clicker Training course at a discount in Park City, SLC and Utah County.  (See pictures of some of the dogs adopted by Park City Families at adoption days below.)

We have never had a fundraiser yet. We save these pups with Adoption donations only.  We work hard to save as many of the 50 plus dogs and litters of puppies dumped at the Utah County Shelter at a time, where 25 a day have to be put  down because there is no room. We want to applaud many of the other Utah Rescues who have been rescuing the litters of puppies and dogs from the Utah County Shelter also. We donated over 5,000 Pet Resource Guides with $20 off Spay/Neuter and Training coupons for the Utah County residents at the 2000 Summer's 22 city Festivals, Rodeos and Parades.  Education and resources are needed 
in Utah County and we need your help because Park City is up to date on responsible dog ownership.  If you want to be a part of this great program contact:

Denise at Save A Dog & Kids Inc.



We want to thank all our loyal and dedicated supporters in Park City including  Michel Boroff of Bad Ass Coffee Company, Melanie Edwards of PCTV and Cameron, Audrey Sprung Award Winning Dog Trainer, The Park Record, Chief Evans, Mary and Kate, Nancy and Nicole, Joanne and Sarah, Julie and Raquelle, Rita and Taylor,Susan and Stephanie, Stan and his 2 Saint Bernards,Suzanne Lieppe, Judy Grady  and the many others who help the homeless dogs find homes and help us teach our youth to value life.



A message from our Founder


Thanks for visiting our site and supporting the kids and the dogs.


2001 Save a Dog and Kids, Inc.                          

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Asia on left is adored by her family at Jeremy Ranch. 

Goliath's family bought so much at Petsmart before bringing him up to his new Park City home where he shares the house with 2 Rottweilers.

Taz was a perfect match for the other Rat Terrier this family had.


Marren Trains




competes in sled dog races with her.  This breed needs that!

Angel and Aussie have families who are taking perimeter training with our trainer.

Owners of Save A Dog & Kids Pups came to the Park City Halloween costume Party at Doggie Play Day.  Thanks to all great sponsors like Blind Dog Grill, Bad Ass Coffee and Loco Lizzard. Jackson loves his family in Park City who did not care that he was a mix, but knew he would be so smart and loving.