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These are the treats we use for clicker training


Jessie' Step by Step Basketball Training
A targeting behavior
Step 1
First we clicked Jessie for touching the ball with his nose. 
Step 2
Then we withheld the click until he mouthed it more and took the ball in his teeth. 
Step 3
We shaped this until he was picking up the ball from our hands.
Step 4
We held our hand very close to the basket and as he was kind of throwing the ball around it would accidently hit the rim, we clicked that. 
Step 5
Sometimes he would make a basket by accident and we 
would JACKPOT that !! Peppermints! 
Step 6
Once he was very consistantly making baskets from up close, we added the distance criteria.  We used a clucking sound to coax him to walk with the ball in his mouth.  It was very funny because at first it was like his feet were in cement.
Step 7
Next we put the ball on the ground and had him pick it up from there.  We did this because our main goal is to be able tp play while riding him so he needed to know how to pick up the ball from the ground !
Final Step - RIDING and PLAYING !!!

2 POINTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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