Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Jones, and I am 13 years old. As you
may know, I run a rescue for small animals, and many other things. I have
seven pets currently. Two guinea pigs, one dog, two cats, two fish, and one
horse. My guinea pigs are in training to become Certified AAA (Animal Assisted
Activity) guinea pigs. They will be able to go to nursing homes and
hospitals to help cheer up sick and elderly patients. I also ride my horse Houston in western, but am falling in love with english too, so we're starting to
train in english as well. I bought Houston in November of 2004 from my
WONDERFUL trainer whom I call Mrs. Sally. She has been giving lessons to me for 5 years, and I love her to death! She is really great! As you can tell, I am really
outgoing, and my life revolves around my animals! (Thanks to the
support of my family, especially my mom.)
About The Rescue Right now I run a rescue for small animals called what else? SecondChance Small Critter Rescue. Plain and simple, just as it is. I take in smallanimal such as Guinea Pigs, rats, gerbil and mice that are no longer wanted, abandoned, injured, or subjected to euthanasia. I run entirely on
donations and my allowance! Every Saturday that I have animals, either my mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa haul my animals and i down to Petco on William D. Tate Avenue. Petco is so willing and cooperative, they let me come down EVERY Saturday, even though they sell the same type of animals! Those are some compassionate people! They deserve a round of applause, so go buy stuff from them!   (Just
A new part of the rescue that I'm starting is hopefully going to be a
big acomplishment, and YOU can help! Okay, here it goes. I have been
getting many calls about dogs and cats that desperately need homes. Also, it kills me to think about all the great animals that are destroyed each year just
because they can't find a home. Now, thats going to change for a few lucky
animals.  I am going to find foster homes whom are willing to take in dogs or cats in a life or death situation. On Saturdays, the animals will be taken to
Petco for adoptions. If you are interested in this program, let me know, because
your help is needed!
My Dreams
(Coming Soon)