Hi Denise!
Whew!  I feel like a new mom again.  'Tank' is now 'Buddah' with his round little belly and 'all knowing' demeanor.  He is such a delight and seems to have made a wonderful transition.  I wasn't sure if I would ever get him away from my mother when I was in NY!  She just fell in love, but I think knowing that Debbie was getting his brother made it easier.
During the day, he is content to sleep next to my desk in his kennel with the door open (or closed if I run out for a minute).  He loves the backyard where he can run after his ball, tumbling over himself once he gets it.  He really tries hard to bring it back, but there is so much else going on (ie:  leaves blowing, a bit of dirt to explore, or the two cats we have walking by!) that he sometimes forgets.  No worries.  He met two golden retriever pups the other day at our local park and had a wonderful time running at the edge of the river with them.  He was quite a sight!  It seem like he has grown so much in only a week!
At night, he has a bed right next to me, and if he does move, it is to come up onto the bed (which is very low, and almost the right height for him).  He knows that being on the bed is allowed around 5AM and he just loves to snuggle for that last hour or two. 
He is still not very fond of riding in the car.  Doesn't throw up like he did the first time, but he does drool a lot.  We keep the trips short...  picking up Ben from school, or going to the park.  Time will tell I guess.  He did do well on the plane home, and did not throw up, or soil on his bedding.  Delta was wonderful about giving me detailed reports on his status.
He is being enrolled in basic obedience class through the Durango Kennel Club.  They have several different courses, and I am waiting for a call back about the start date of the next one. 
Denise, I can't tell you how wonderful this little guy is (although I know that you do know).  He is so good even in all his puppy ways.  He really loves the cats, and wishes they wanted to play more often!  They are pretty tolerant of him as well, and the one pic I am sending of just Buddah and Poppin, was taken just after Buddah was giving Poppin a bath with his tongue!  (Poppin was a little delayed when he was born, and has few cleaning skills...  he lets our other cat wash him, and it just 'normal' that Buddah would help as well!  Much faster with such a large tongue!) 
He's eating well, and we have continued with the Iams puppy food as that is what he seemed to eat the best.  We have since moved the cat food out of reach, as he thought that was GREAT!!  Oh well, the cats like his food as a little treat as well.
Sending along a few pictures.  Not sure if they are the right size, so let me know if I need to increase or decrease.
Thank you for everything!  I will keep you posted on training and neutering.  My personal vet wants to wait a bit longer on the neutering, and since he is supervised outside, or on a lead, he feels all is well in that regard.
Bless you and your work.  I'd do it all again in a second. 





Thank you so much for all that you do.  Yours is the finest organization dedicated to animal rescue that Iíve ever seen.  You have certainly blessed us with the most wonderful dog, our Buddah. I wanted to send you the pics,  but also was going to ask about another dog.  We really want to get a companion for Buddah, not because he is lonely (someone is home just about all the time!), but he is just so social.  He has a friend that comes over to play and at the puppy class he was just so wonderful with all the other dogs, both large and small!  When we first started thinking about the idea, I immediately went to your site to see what other loves you had.  That little Michael Jordan is just so very precious!!  Iím sorry that his trip to California did not work out.  We were looking for someone that is similar in size or smaller than Buddah and his face just keeps coming to mind. 

I was going to enroll Buddah in the second obedience class this spring (beginners, not kindergarten) and could take both!  Buddah is just about due for a refresher..  he lets his nose get the best of himself sometimes!   

Sharon   (Boy do we love such responsible dog owners!  You are the greatest Sharon!)


We know, Michael is not a Basset mix, but since he will be living with Buddah and Sharon, we thought his story could go on this page:


MICHAEL "JORDAN" 3 yr Purebred male SHih Tzu loves everyone, dogs, cats and playing BASKETBALL.  His mom has no more time for him but wishes to find a loving mom who will train him, play with him, visit people, and get him regularly groomed every month. He is working on beginning crate training to learn house training perfectly, he loves other dogs and cats that are friendly to him. He would be the perfect therapy dog for the elderly.  Come see Michael's trip to Oakland to meet Webbie. Unfortunately Webbie was abused and now that he has found such loving parents, he doesn't trust other dogs around his parents and his home.  Thank you Bette and Donald for the great donation. Click on WEbbie to see the trip pics.  Thank you Dyann for sponsoring our lovable Michael.  You are an Angel!  Yeah Michael Jordan is going to have the best mom, go to more training with his brother Buddah and have the best home.  Denise is so excited to drive him to his new mom and brother. Have you heard about the amazing Veterinary Hospital in Durango, CO that has not only Obedience and Agility Training, but also has a behavioral specialist to help dog owners with special issues with their dogs. Now that is a Veterinary Hospital!  Michael will go with Buddah for their second training.    We are so excited that after meeting with Sharon in Moab, Sharon told us that when she got Michael home, Buddah and Michael started taking turns chasing each other around the yard and house playing. They will be the best of pals.




Hi Denise,

Here are some pictures of Lightning in her new home. We have only had her for a week and already we can't imagine life without her. She loves to play but loves to sleep even more!! She is so loving and just like your web site said she never cries or whines - we feel so lucky!!


Clair Farrington



Hi Denise:

It was good talking to you last night.  I'll try to get you some pictures
of Beau (Baby) by next weekend.  He is an absolute treasure and we are so
happy to have him in our family!


   BAILEY (aka Scooby Doo)  their bigger sister is active, smart and loving but needs more attention.  She is tricolor and has the Bassett spots. IS ADOPTED and the most beautiful Basset.  Thanks Linda for taking care of our Samson while you await Bailey's arrival for your daughter, what a wonderful home you have for any dog  Thank you Carri and husband, Linda and RAnd, and rest of family for inviting Denise to a wonderful Sunday dinner ( see pics below of entire family, two legged and four legged).  You guys really love your dogs.  LInda, Carri's mom is fostering our Samson and has really helped him out with fronting the knee surgery money until we collect donations to reimburse her.  We found her the cuttest little Pommeranian at the shelter. 

  Baby picture at 8 weeks

    Isn't she gorgeous now with her beautiful Basset body, legs and ears.


Bailey and her parents and brother Buddy, her parent's parents, and uncle and aunt who have a Beagle. Her favorite thing is to lay on her back in your lap and have you rub her belly.  She will start obedience training with her big brother.  UPdate Jan 24th, Bailey has already been in her first two weeks of puppy obedience training.  Great job Carri.

Samson our Blood Hound/Shephard is being fostered by Bailey's Mom's mom  Thank you Linda for letting us share your wonderful family that has such big hearts for dogs.

SUGARBEAR 10 mos. old mother was rescued by Groomer in upstate NY, and saved thanks to Dr. Nathan Christian and a sesarian section, along with TANK and his SEVEN 3 week old brothers and sisters.  Sugarbear is a purebred Tan and White Bassett Hound female, spayed and housetrained, and her babies are little Bassett mixes.  Please email us for an application.  They will be adopted once they are fixed, chipped and vaccinated.  Sugarbear has been adopted by the most wonderful grandparents who have a male Bassett, she sleeps on granpa's side of the bed and gives much love to the inner city kids that come for the summer through the great kids program Fresh Air, grandma has been a part of for 9 years.