Puppy Class Graduation


David Lyman and Save a Dog & Kids are proud to present the first 2001 Puppy Class. Four litters of Rottweiler/ German Shepherd, Husky/Chow Lab/Border Collie and Hound mix puppies that were all adopted over the Holidays started Puppy Class with their proud new families.  Our volunteer teens also helped train dogs for adoption.  Group puppy clicker training not only teaches the dogs behaviors that you want them to learn, but also teaches them group socialization skills a their formative age. 

Saturday classes at:
VCA All Pet Animal Hospital in Sandy at 700 E. and 9860 S. 
Call 801-427-8878 if you want to join the classes.  
Thanks to Chris at VCA!


    Special  thank you to Diane and her 
Dazzle Dogs for performing at graduation



Congratulations to our Teen Volunteers and Recent Graduates