Save A Dog & Kids Successes

During the past 13 years our program has rescued over 
1,200 puppies and dogs, a few 100 cats, some ducks, birds and rabbits, placing them with loving families. Our 
training program has given many kids and teenagers the opportunity to 
learn the joy of giving of themselves. Countless people have been educated, gaining a better appreciation for Man's Best Friend.



There are so many successful happy 
endings for all the dogs 
and their proud teen trainers. Each story is 
not just about a  dog getting a great new home, 
but about what dogs bring to the families they touch.

Buddy was a six-week old Yellow Labrador 
puppy whose front paw was accidentally 
amputated.  The family that was responsible 
for his birth thought he could not be sold 
and took him to the vet to be euthanized. The doctor called us to save the pup knowing that he could still have a good 
life despite his handicap.

His new family has not only loved the 
loyal, loving part of family Buddy has become, but has gained so much from caring for him.  He had to wait to attend puppy class until his body grew a new 
pad on the bottom of his leg with took about 8 months. His family is now 
looking into getting Buddy an artificial 
paw so he can run on all 4 legs. Buddy's new family tells us that he is the best 
dog they ever had.  Their kids have 
enjoyed learning to train him in our 
clicker training class that is provided 
to all our adoptive families.

Buddy was not a burden as his original family thought, but a loving little bundle 
of joy to all he touched.

Chance was part of 
an unwanted litter of 
8 Rottweiler/German
Shepherd puppies
headed for the Utah
County Animal Shelter
until our founder Denise rescued the whole 
litter out of a snowy backyard in American
Fork. Mom was a purebred Rottweiler living
outside where a neighborhood dog came
along. At Thanksgiving they were but one 
of four litters saved, and by Christmas all but one pup had been adopted. Chance 
has had the best foster family and teen trainer, Adam, that he could have gotten. After surviving a  bad disease that Rottis 
are prone to, he then developed a kidney problem that required special diet needs 
and care. 

Mom, Sharon W. felt it was meant to be 
that Chance ended up in their care. Adam 
was able to attend the clicker training with 
Chance and they graduated February 17 
with all of Chance's brothers and sisters.  
We are currently working with a specialist 
in California who is confident that Chance 
can recover completely and will make
someone a great companion. A special 
thank you goes out to the foster family 
(whose name we are keeping confidential 
to protect our teen trainer.  Without people 
like this, pups like Chance would have no 
chance at all.


Adam W. with another 
puppy that needs special training

Our Teen Trainers 
are working hard to 
train the pups they
are fostering so they 
can perform together this summer at special events.  They hope to show other kids and families how much 
fun it is to work with a dog, and how 
easy it is to train them to do things for 
you. We hope these performances will encourage more dog owners to take the 
time to train their dogs and thus
appreciate them more. We hope to tour schools around the state to show more 
kids how much fun a dog can be and 
teach them of the responsibilities of pet ownership. Our Teen Foster Trainers 
work hard daily taking care of their 
foster pups. This has given them a 
greater appreciation of the investment 
of time and energy a dog requires.


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