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March 11, 2004


1. Featured Petition: Stop Sale and Import of Endangered Species

2. Member Poll: Tell us about you!

3. Easy Action: Please Help Protect Alaska's Ocean Ecosystems

4. Illuminating Quiz: Which Ayurvedic (Life Energy) Type Are You?

5. Food Spotlight: Protect U.S. Seed Supply from GE Contamination

6. Household Secret: How to Banish mold from Bathroom Grout

7. In The Spotlight

1. Stop Sale and Import of Endangered Species

Do you believe the best way to save endangered animals is

to kill them? Of course not. Yet that's the logic behind

the Interior Department's plan to gut America's

Endangered Species Act (ESA), which has protected animals

worldwide for the last 30 years!

While attempting to evade media coverage and public input,

the Fish and Wildlife Service is working to legalize

commercial exploitation of endangered species. They would

permit a host of previously illegal activities -

including killing endangered species.

If we don't act quickly, it will be LEGAL to:

* Hunt endangered species in the U.S. as long as the

hunting ranch pays something to "conserve" the species.

* Import trophy heads and parts from endangered species

as long as fees paid by the hunters are used by the

country to "conserve" the species.

* Import endangered animal skins for fur coats and other

fashion items as long as the designers send a little

cash to a "conservation" program.

* Import as much African elephant ivory as they wish

as long as dealers claim the money will be used for

elephant conservation.

We must prevent stop this attack on the ESA ... help

spread the word about this unprecedented threat to

endangered species.

You can help by:

a. Urging your friends to send an email to the Bush


b. Contribute to the International Fund for Animal Welfare

to support ad campaigns to stop this attack today!

2. Tell us about you!

We're always interested in getting to know our members

better, so we've created this poll to find out about YOU!

Take our poll to learn more about the Care2 Community.

3. Please Help Protect Alaska's Ocean Ecosystems

Alaskan waters are among the world's most diverse,

productive and complex marine ecosystems, containing

magnificent, yet fragile, communities of deepwater coral

and sponge that provide essential habitat to fish and

marine life.

Bottom trawling fishing practices are a major threat to

these ecosystems. Like clear-cutting of old growth

forests, fishing vessels equipped with bottom tending

gear cause extensive and long-term damage to

deepwater coral habitat.

For eight years, the federal National Marine Fisheries

Service (NMFS) has failed to protect Alaska's waters

from the harmful effects of fishing, as required by law.

In response to a court order, NMFS has finally drafted

an Essential Fish Habitat Environmental Impact Statement

(EIS) for the North Pacific. This EIS contains several

alternatives to protect habitat from ongoing destruction,

but amazingly recommends taking no action to do so!

NMFS must act to implement measures contained in the

Essential Fish Habitat alternatives. Sign this petition

to submit your comments to the public comment period,

and help us protect Alaska's oceans!

4. Quiz: Which Ayurvedic (Life Energy) Type Are You?

Ayurvedic healing teaches that there are three basic

constitutional "types": earthy Kapha, fiery Pitta, and

airy Vata. Once you know your type (we are blends of all

types, but one usually stand out), you can learn to

analyze your personality and body type, and find out

which foods, exercises, lifestyles--even jobs--are most

beneficial for you. Here is an illuminating quiz to

help you find your Ayurvedic type.

5. Protect Our Nation's Seed Supply from GE Contamination!

Consumers who want alternatives to genetically engineered

(GE) food have sought products grown from traditional,

non-GE seeds. Consumers take the availability of such

seeds, and the ability of farmers to grow them, for granted.

The findings of a new report by the Union of Concerned

Scientists shatter this assumption. Laboratory testing of

traditional varieties of corn, soybean, and canola seeds

revealed widespread contamination by DNA from

commercial GE crops.

These findings suggest that current federal regulations are

inadequate to protect our seed supply from the next

generation of GE crops those engineered to produce

drugs and industrial chemicals.

Sign this petition to protect our nation's seed supply!

Urge the U.S. Department of Agriculture to amend federal

regulations to explicitly protect the seed supply from

contamination by engineered pharmaceutical and

industrial crops.


6. Banish mold from Bathroom Grout

There has been a lot in the news recently about the

respiratory health problems associated with mold. Since

our bathrooms are often the dampest rooms in the house,

they become a breeding ground for dangerous molds and

mildew--and grouting between tiles is often the first

place it starts.

7. In the Spotlight

** Guilt-Free Chocolate Brownie Cake

This classic comfort desert is brought up to date by

replacing the butter with vanilla low-fat yogurt and

just a little oil.

** Presidential Poll -- Where do you stand now?

Now that the presidential race appears to have narrowed,

how do you feel about the major contenders? Who stands

for the issues you care about most? What do other Care2

members think? Take our poll to find out and share your


** Oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment?


Recently, President Bush officially declared his

support for the Federal Marriage Amendment - a measure

that would write discrimination into the United States

Constitution. Sign this petition to object.

** Organic Speedchef: It CAN'T Be Good For You Salad

This healthy but hearty cranberry, beet, and walnut salad

has been a hit with every guest who's eaten it. Even my

meat-loving Texan relatives clean their plates when I

pile them high with sweet but tangy vegetables in this

divine dish.

** Spring Pea-Planting Tips

Peas provide a no-wait thrill for gardeners itching to

plant; they can be planted as soon as the ground can be

worked in the spring. They also improve the soil whenever

they grow, and they taste good really good.


Thank you for caring to make a difference!

Hilary Stamper

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